artistic cycling


Artistic cycling is …

fascinating, graceful, uniting, powerful, stunning, acrobatic!

Artistic Cycling

Riding-area: 14 x 11 metres, 3 circles of different diameter are drawn around the centre.

Time: With a time limit of 5 minutes a maximum of 25 figures (teams & pairs) or even 30 figures (single) can be presented. In pair artistic cycling the athletes switch from two bicycles to one (or reverse).

Performance: The athletes put together their performance from a catalogue about 120 possible figures. The more difficult, the higher the point value. The riders can select an accompanying music.

Evaluation: Points are deducted if figures are not performed as defined, are performed after the time limit of 5 minutes or are not shown at all. For falling down, touching the floor or unprecise and shaky execution points are deducted as well.

Bicycle: Is made of steel or aluminium, has a fixed 1:1 gear that enables the athlete to ride both forwards and backwards. The design of the saddle and the handlebar enables the rider to stand on it.

(by Klaus Dobbratz)