Cycle-ball is …

exciting & dynamic, thrilling, emotional, dramatic, spectacular, atmospheric!


Cycle-Ball – a brief overview

Team: Two players (goal keeper and outfield player). Roles can alternate, but normally players specialise.

Playing time: 2 halves of 7 minutes each with a 90-second half-time break.

Playing field: 14 x 11 metres limited by boards of 30cm height. The goal measures 2 x 2 metres.

Ball: Solid (not blown up), made of fabric and filled with horsehair, diameter 17 cm, weight about 550 gr. Attacking shots reach a speed of up to 70 km/h.

Bicycle: Due to a reinforced frame, the bicycle has good stability. A fixed gear enables the player to balance on one point and to ride forwards and backwards. The weight of the bicycle is about 13 kg. It seems as if the players sit on their bicycle like on a luggage rack – to achieve a better weight shift. The unusual form of the handlebar enables unbelievable technical tricks with the ball.

Rules: The players shoot with the front wheel or with the back wheel, also header shots are allowed, the hands must not be used. Within the penalty area the goal keeper is allowed to use his hands for defending the goal. It is prohibited to touch the floor. If a player touches the floor, he has to ride or walk behind his own goal line before he can continue playing. The referee is on foot in the playing field. Rule breaches and fouls are penalized by a free kick or a penalty from a distance of 4 metres. Corners are often converted into goals.

(by Klaus Dobbratz)